This week’s Drawing Challenge has asked users to draw Japanese geishas, so we’re lending a helping a hand with this step by step drawing tutorial. Just as the art form of Japanese geishas is a rich and sophisticated tradition to master, drawing well takes practice. Thankfully, PicsArt Drawing Tools give you a lot of resources to simplify some of the more difficult elements of a great drawing. You just need to learn the tricks. This tutorial will show you how to create a stunning geisha drawing and clue you into some of PicsArt’s coolest drawing features. Follow this tutorial and give your confidence a leg up for this week’s Drawing Challenge! 

We encourage you to use PicsArt’s new Video Generation and Export feature to create an instant video tutorial for how you have drawn your entry and share it in Youtube tagged with #picsart #dcgeisha. We will be then featuring the best videos from the contest on our blog. 

Step 1: Draw the  Outline

Draw a very rough outline of your geisha, delineating her proportions and basic shape. Reduce the opacity then add a new layer. In your new layer, trace a refined final outline with clean strokes, then delete your previous outline. 

Step 2: Add Colors

Add a new layer under your outline. In this new layer, color in your geisha, putting down the base colors of her face, hair, clothes, and accessories.

Step 3: Lighting & Shading

Add new layers for your lighting and shading. For broad shading, use a grey brush and shade at will, then reduce the opacity to integrate it. Do the same for the lighting with a white brush. Add streaks of bright tones for accents.

Step 4: Advanced Coloring

Add new layers again for advanced coloring. Here, you can add makeup and increase your range of color tones by adding new shades of different colors throughout your drawing. 

Step 5: Color the Background

Add a layer for your background at the very bottom. Choose a background color and tap the spilling paint bucket in your layers menu to fill it with a single color. 

Step 6: Final Details

Go over your geisha drawing one final time to add the finishing details. Add Japanese lanterns to your background, strings to her guitar, and whatever else you want to complete your drawing.