For this week’s Drawing Challenge, we’ve asked you to draw mountains, so this tutorial is here to shepherd you up to the summit of what is sure to be a steep challenge. Use these basic techniques and drawing tips to give yourself a leg up in this week’s contest.

Step 1: Draw Outline

Draw a rough outline of your mountain using the a thin black brush. You might even want to make a grid first to decide its position and proportion. Add layers by pressing the + sign in the layer menu. Hide layers by pressing the eye next to each layer.

draw rough outline

hide drawing layer

Step 2: Add Color

Add a layer at the bottom for your background. Press the bucket symbol to fill it with the color of your sky. Add more layers on top for other colors, and use the brush to paint on brown dirt and white snow. Increase brush thickness by pressing the brush icon and moving the sliders,

add sky color

add layer to draw snow

add layer to draw soil

Step 3: Detail & Shade

Paint ridges and bumps in your mountain side in higher layers. Paint jagged brown patches in the snow where the ground is bare. Use very dark brown or even black in the dirt to add a first layer of shading and create depth.

raw bare ground

draw shading

Step 4: Shading Tip

For general shading, make your brush semi-transparent like a real shadow. Choose the color black, the press the brush icon to open settings. Lower the Opacity slider to around 40%. In a top layer, paint a shadow seamlessly onto the mountainside that is not facing the sunlight.

use semi-transparent brush

Step 5: Draw Clouds

For  drawing clouds, create a layer between your mountain and the bottom layer where you have your sky. In Brush settings, choose a soft spray brush and increase the size, then paint on clouds in white and pale grey.

draw clouds with soft brush

adjust brush settings

Step 6: Final Colors

Light comes in many colors, so don’t be afraid to throw in some bold colorful strokes. For warm lighting, add streaks of orange. Play with greenish color tones in your brown patches, add speckles of golden sunshine in your clouds, and experiment. These final touches can push your drawing over the edge.

draw lights though colors

add bright colors

color the drawing