how to draw narwhal

Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea, are the most majestic of creatures, as you will come to discover in this drawing tutorial that we’ve created to help you draw one! We’ll guide you through the process of drawing this incredible animal with PicsArt’s drawing tools. Read on to learn how to do it!

Step 1: Create Sketch

Draw a rough sketch of your narwhal. Lower the opacity of your sketch, create a new layer, and trace a refined outline.

narwhal outline drawing

Step 2: Start Adding Color

Fill your background layer by selecting it, tapping on the paint bucket icon, and choosing a teal color. In a layer just above your background, start coloring in your narwhal.

drawing background color

coloring narwhal

Step 3: Start Adding Shading & Light

Select a light grey brush and start adding shading. Select a darker shade of grey and start shading in the top portion of the narwhal. At the bottom, start filling in some depth with shades of darker and lighter blues.

shades drawing steps

Step 4: Add Background Details

Create a new layer for your background. Using a soft, black brush, create some dark clouds starting on the bottom of your image, but only go as far as the narwhal. In the same layer, you can create some ice-like effects around the narwhal (he does live in the arctic, after all!) by drawing icicles in the background layer, using the same brush as you have been using to create your background.

background details drawing

drawing ice in background

Step 6: Add Final Details

Create a new layer for your final touches. The narwhal needs some majestic details, so use the third brush to darken the top part of your narwhal and add some texture. Use brush strokes in contrasting directions to give a rough feel. Then, switch to the second brush and add a vein-like pattern in a light color. You can also accent your narwhal with some bright blue colors, giving the impression of light reflecting off of it. Add a few rays of sunlight and flecks of light to finish your drawing. When you’re done, save your work and share it!

narwhal drawing final steps

narwhal drawing  textures