portrait drawing tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw a portrait with PicsArt’s drawing tools. Read on to pick up the techniques, and then give it a try on your own!

Step 1: Create Sketch

Use a thin black brush to create your initial sketch. In a new layer, draw the facial features.

draw portrait sketch

draw face

Step 2: Start Adding Color

Start filling in your background layer with light blue, grey, and white brushes. In a layer below the facial features, start coloring in the skin and hair. On the top layer, start adding shadows and light with a slightly transparent brush.

background coloring

eye coloring

Step 3: Add Color Accents

Using a variety of different colored brushes, start adding bright color accents to your drawing. Use a thin white brush to add additional light accents. Use a thin black brush to fill in the facial details.

portrait coloring

face drawing steps

Step 4: Add Details to Figure & Background

Use a thin black brush to add details to the face and hair. Add a few more color accents and shadows. On your background layer, add shadows using a thick grey brush. Outline part of your figure with a bright blue color (this will make your figure stand out from the background).

draw face and hair details

draw shadows

Step 5: Add Lighting & Final Details

On the top layer, use a thin white brush to add a light source and the final lighting accents to the figure. You’re done—don’t forget to save your portrait and share it!

drawing light