For this week’s Drawing Challenge, we’re asking you to draw a still life. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the drawing process so that you can create a work of art that leaves the competition in the dust. Read on to learn more, and don’t forget to share your work to your PicsArt profile!

Step 1: Sketch Drawing

Start with a background layer and a blank layer. We chose a background that looks like watercolor paper. Use a thin black brush to draw a rough sketch of your composition. Reduce the opacity of that layer, add a new layer, and then sketch a more detailed drawing, this time adding depth.

Step 2: Trace Refined Outline

Hide the layer with your original sketch and reduce the opacity of your second sketch. Add a new layer. Using a thin black brush, trace an outline of your drawing.

Step 3: Add Color

Hide the layer with your second sketch so that only your final outline appears. Add a new layer and reduce the opacity to approximately 60%. We reduce the opacity of this layer so that the texture of the watercolor paper background shows through. Use a large, soft brush to color in your drawing.

Step 4: Add Shading, Lighting, & Color Accents

Add a new layer. Using a black, semi-transparent brush, add shading. In a new layer, draw on color accents using brighter tones. If you are drawing something with a reflective surface, don’t forget to add color reflections. Add lighting with a soft, white brush with a lowered opacity. Your drawing should start to appear three-dimensional at this point.

Step 5: Add Final Details

Add a new layer. Using a semi-transparent brush in black and other dark tones, make the shadows darker and more pronounced. Finally, add a few light accents with a small, opaque brush in white and other bright colors. When you’re done with your drawing, open it in the Editor and apply an Effect (we chose the Twilight Effect), and then share your work with the community!