how to draw times square

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a magnificent scene from Times Square with PicsArt’s drawing tools. Read on to pick up the techniques, and then give it a try on your own!

Step 1: Create Sketch

Using a black brush with a slightly lowered opacity and hardness, create a rough sketch.

draw a sketch

Step 2: Trace Over Your Sketch

Reduce the opacity of your sketch. With a thinner, harder brush, clean up your initial sketch by tracing over the image in a new layer. Hide your initial sketch by tapping the eye icon next to it in the layers panel.

Times Square outline drawing

Step 3: Fill In Your Background

Create a new layer, drag it to the bottom, and fill it with a dark blue color. Create a new layer right beneath your clean sketch layer. Start to color in the billboards and buildings in your sketch using cool colors with a soft brush.

background coloring

coloring buildings

Step 4: Add Color and Lighting Accents

Create new layers on top of your sketch layer and, using a variety of different warm colors, start adding bright color accents to your drawing with thinner brushes. 

add warm colors

draw lighting accents

Step 5: Add Final Details

Create new layers to add some new props into the foreground of your drawing—for example, the top edge of a stoplight and billboard. Then, use a thick, low opacity brush to add some shading accents to the edges of the scene. You’re done—don’t forget to save your work and share it!

times square drawing

saving times square drawing