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Last year, the #TreeOfLife photo editing trend took the internet by storm. Artistic brelfies made with PicsArt photo editor’s magic photo effects and custom stickers became part of the movement to #NormalizeBreastfeeding, and it was beautiful.

One of the places that the photo editing trend originated was the Breastfeeding Mama Talk (BFMT) group, and guess what? They just hit their five-year anniversary, so we’re teaming up with them to celebrate with the Tree of Life Edit Challenge! So if you’d like to join the movement and help us #NormalizeBreastfeeding, here’s how to make your own #TreeOfLife edit with PicsArt.

  1. Download PicsArt photo editor and collage maker for iOS, Android or Windows.
  2. Open the app and search for #TreeOfLife in the top search bar.
  3. Tap on the “Stickers” tab and choose your favorite tree sticker (be sure to check out the Tree of Life pack for more options!).
  4. Tap on “Apply” and open your brelfie photo.
  5. Place the sticker on your photo and tap on “Apply.”
  6. Tap on Effects > Magic. Choose your favorite Magic photo effect (we love Rainbow and Midnight) and tap on “Apply.”
  7. Tap on the arrow in the top right corner to finish. Share your edit on PicsArt with the hashtag #TreeOfLife!

? Important! To enter the Tree of Life Edit Challenge, tap on the ? icon in the bottom toolbar, find the Challenge, and hit “Enter Challenge.” Tap on “Recent” at the top of the screen and switch to the “PicsArt” option to view the images on your PicsArt profile. Choose the #TreeOfLife brelfie you just created, and you’re done! For more information on the Challenge, click here.

And of course, don’t forget to follow @bfmamatalk on PicsArt!

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