PicsArt offers a sophisticated range of blur effects that can be used to devastating effect if you know how to handle them. Evidently, blur effects blur your image, but there are many different types of blur for different occasions.

The standard Blur effect simple puts your image out of focus, though the effect settings give you a lot of creative options with just this first option. Focal Zoom is a blur effect that makes it appear as though the entire image is speeding towards a focal point, Motion Blur allows you to mimick the blur that occurs when capturing a moving option, and Radial Blur creates a spiraling tunnel of blur around a central area.

These tutorials will break down how to use each one of these options step by step. You can also refer to our video tutorials as a great instant guide to discovering the magic of Blur effects!

Prep 1: Upload a Photo

Upload an image into the editor from the main screen.

Prep 2: Open Blur Effects

Select the effects icon and choose the Blur category

Blur Effect

Step 1: Select Blur

Select the Blur Effect from the Blur menu.

Step 2: Select the Target

Select the circular target on the top of the screen

Step 3: Adjust Targeted Area

Use your finger to adjust the size of the targeted area and drag it across the screen, to center it over your subject.

Step 4: Reduce Hardness

Reduce the Hardness slider down to 0 for a smooth blur transition in your photo.

Step 5: Increase Blur

Open the Effect Settings and increase the Blur slider to your preference to intensify the effect.

Focal Zoom

Step 1: Select Focal Zoom

Select the Focal Zoom Effect from the Blur effects menu.

Step 2: Center the Blur

Drag the cursor onto your main subject to focus your blur.

Step 3: Customize

Open the effect settings and adjust the sliders to preference

Motion Blur

Step 1: Select Motion Blur

Select the Motion Blur effect from the Blur effects category.

Step 2: Customize the Effect

Open the Effect Settings and adjust the distance and angle of the blur.

Step 3: Apply the Effect Selectively

Select the brush and customize the Brush Settings. Make sure that Original, is highlighted at the top of the screen, and remove the effect wherever you don’t want it applied.

Radial Blur

Step 1: Select Radial Blur

Select the Radial Blur effect from the Blur category in the Effects Menu.

Step 2: Center the Effect

Drag the cursor in the middle of your screen with your finger to center it over your subject.

Confirm any changes you make by pressing the checkmark at the top of the screen to finish your editing session!