Whether you are taking it for a joy ride or racing to make an urgent appointment, your relationship with your bycicle is a close one. Its a two way relationship, set in motion by your natural energy, it is hard to say if you are propelling your bicycle or if its the other way around. What is certain, however, is that there is something inherently liberating about a bike. The world around you becomes smaller and more accessible, yet you are not confounded to the closed cabin of a car, nor bound to the streets, as you can always break off road and make your own path. A bike brings you closer to the world around you; it puts the wind in your hair and, almost always, a smile on your face. Bikes also ground you. The more time you spend on two wheels, the harder it is to take yourself too seriously, and if you have the skill to ride hands free, or if you just want to pullover, its usually worth it to snap a couple of beautiful pictures on the way.

Today’s photo galley is a collection of bicycle images from the PicsArt community. Look through it and share the joy of cycling through photography!