About This Weekend’s WAP (#WAP50mln)

PicsArt has just crossed a major threshold – 50 million installs.  That’s inspired us to challenge the PicsArt community to visualize 50 million.  Sure, it’s huge number…in practical terms it is essentially infinite.  So what does infinity look like?


How to Enter

Simply create a photo (or photos) that visualizes 50 million (or an infinite amount) of something.  Tag your desired image with #WAP50mln, and post it to the PicsArt stream. All submissions must be in the stream by midnight on Sunday, April 8 (San Francisco time) or they will not be considered.


How to Win the WAP

We PROMISE (famous last words, we know), this will be the last week of jury-decided WAPs.  Our new voting system goes live next week.  Until then, our jury will gather for one last time on Monday and choose what we think are the 10 best images from this weekend’s WAP.  It’s a tough one…go for it!