The latest iOS update has just been released and we’ve got a bunch of new and improved features to give you a smoother editing and sharing experience. Download it from the App Store and enjoy! 

Transform Layers in Draw

We’ve taken drawing up a notch on iOS. With the new Transform feature, you can adjust whole layers in Draw by rotating, resizing, and dragging for a seamless creative experience. 

drawing layers adjustment

New Features in Adjust Tool

The new and improved Adjust Tool has a fresh batch of new features that will allow you to tweak your image for a precise edit. With three new sliders, you can now adjust Shadows, Highlights, and Temperature. 

how to adjust a photo with PicsArt

No-Crop Sharing to Instagram

If you’re all about clean composition, sometimes you just don’t want to chop up your image to fit Instagram’s standard square canvas. Now, when sharing to Instagram, we’ll take care of adjusting your canvas size so that you don’t have to crop your beautiful images before sharing. 

post in instagram without cropping

What’s Up, WhatsApp?

We’ve made a few tweaks to improve your social sharing experience, the most exciting of which is the ability to share your PicsArt creations on WhatsApp. 

Improved Effects

In order to give you a better editing experience, we took a good, hard look at the default parameters in our Effects. We made a few tweaks, and we are proud to present an improved editing experience…enjoy! 

Zoom, Zoom!

You’ll never again be confused about the actual size of your image. Now, when zooming in or out on your image, you’ll see the zoom level automatically.