We asked our Japan PicsArtists to edit photos of their cats and, as we would expect, it turned out amazing. So today, we’re sharing our favorites and the winner of the Japan cat contest.

8. This cat is totally meta.Japan Cat

7. This cat prefers to be overdressed, rather than underdressed. Her motto? “Look good, feel good.”Cat Wearing a Kimono

6. This cute AF snuggle bunny.Cat Japan

5. Bonjour, I am a cat, but I have no name.Japanese Cat

4. Float like a butterfly, meow like a cat.Cat


2. Now let me take a catfie. Catfie Cat Selfie

1. And the winner… MAJOR LAZER! Set phasers to meow. Cat Laser Eyes

Congratulations to the winner of the cat contest! But really in this case, we’re all winners.

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Nanette is the social media manager at PicsArt. She also is a lifestyle photographer and blogger elsewhere: www.culturalchromatics.com