Spain pictures

In honor of Spain’s Constitution Day, commemorating the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and celebrated each year on December 6th, PicsArt is hosting a fiesta to celebrate all things Spain. Birthplace of the passionate dance of flamenco and home to a variety of mouth-watering dishes (tapas, anyone?), Spain has much to offer to the local, the traveler, and the photographer. Whether you’ve been daydreaming of Barcelona your whole life or have strolled down Las Ramblas yourself, join us in celebrating el Día de la Constitución by hashtagging your photos with the SATtag #spain

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned traveler or if you’ve never left your hometown. Perhaps you’ve created your own little Spanish sanctuary in your home with a steaming plate of paella and a pitcher of sangria. Perhaps you’re a devoted Gaudí aficionado. Or maybe you’re just really dedicated to your daily siesta. Whatever the case, you’re invited to the fiesta, so tag your snapshots with the SATtag #spain to join the fun!