Paolomore (@paolomore) is one of PicsArt’s most innovative photo editors, and one of his top tricks is altering skin. His artwork rivals professional-grade special effects, shredding faces into ribbons or making them grow fish scales.

Behind his skin-morphing artwork, however, are techniques that are surprisingly doable by even the most novice editor–once you install PicsArt, that is. But don’t take our word for it, because Paolo himself has pulled the curtain back on one of his coolest tricks with a video tutorial.

Watch Paolo’s video or follow the steps below to learn this simple trick that transforms skin into woven ribbons, scales, or whatever pattern your inner artist desires.

Master this and amaze your friends with startling handcrafted special effects. Tag the results with #paoloshowedme, and you’ll make Paolo a very happy teacher.

Step 1: Upload a Photo

Upload a portrait of you or one of your friends. Make sure that the lighting is bright so that your textural changes will contrast sharply with the base color of the skin. Add a new layer.

Step 2: Brush Settings

Select the Draw icon to open your drawing tools, then open your brush settings. Reduce the brush’s opacity to around 60 and reduce the hardness to around 25.

Step 3: Draw a Pattern

Make sure you have selected the color black. On your top layer draw a pattern. You can start by drawing ribbons along the contours of the face or perhaps you’ll want to try scales. These lines will be your shadows.

Step 4: Erase

Make sure that your eraser brush has a full opacity of 100% and a maximum hardness of 100% as well. Erase along the top side of each black line, leaving only a thin sliver for each one. This should give each line one hard edge and one soft edge.

Step 5: Experiment with Patterns

Try different patterns. Cross weaves, spirals, scales, tears–each of these will achieve a different effect. Adjust the layers’ opacity as well according to how bold you want your pattern to be.