For Graffiti Drawing Challenge, we have prepared a tutorial for PicsArtists to use as a reference. Graffiti is about being as flashy and vibrant as possible and injecting plain walls and dark alleys with color and life. Here is a guide to help you get started creating your very own street art using PicsArt drawing tools.

Step 1:

Create 2 layers and roughly sketch your letters and background on each one respectively. Create a dynamic background, and don’t be afraid to incorporate a variety of shapes and patterns.

Step 2:

Create a third layer and trace the essential outline of your letters, removing any extra lines.

Step 3:

In a fourth layer, outline the essential lines as you did in step 2, but this time only for the background design.

Step 4:

Choose a variety of fillers and brushes to color your design.

Step 5:

Use speckled brushes to create the illusion of a spray can in certain sections.

Step 6:

Use solid colors for your letters, and darker shades for shadows to give your letters depth.

Step 7:

Highlight the edges of your shapes and letters bright and sharply contrasting colors to make your graffiti really pop. Add any extra details you like, whatever it takes to make your street art impossible to ignore.