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“Give me a large table or floor, a knife, a stack of magazines, glue, and some tunes, and I’m ready to go.” If you look at Lauren Little’s (@artoflol) art, you’ll know exactly what she means.

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Lauren’s art is a collage of images and references, tearing bits off of different eras and mediums and stitching them into eyebrow-raising artwork. “My work usually seems to have this running theme of recognizing our surroundings and how it affects us individually and collectively. My first collage began with a stack of really old National Geographics. I love the idea that every time I make a collage, I’m kind of remixing the past to create a new present.”

Lauren is constantly trying to stay tuned in to her surroundings, absorbing everything and spitting it back out in collage form. Her creative thirst was sparked as a kid in London by the kid’s TV show Art Attack, a show that taught kids to make cool art projects. “As soon as it was over, I would run around the house gathering materials to recreate what he’d made on the show.”

Lauren would also line up her stuffed animals and teach them to make stuff. In that way, that lone children’s program may have set her on course to become the art teacher she is today.

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A lot of that playful spirit can still be felt in her current work, but with perhaps a more refined underlying instinct at work. “I sort of just make something and find out its meaning afterwards. Like a dream. You don’t plan the dream first before you sleep. You just have the dream and then try to figure out its meaning when you’re awake… Create now, think later.”

Indeed, the “thinking later” is so much of the fun of enjoying Lauren’s work. The wildly contrasting images she weaves together pose more questions than answers. She’s grabbing images many of us have seen before but feel differently about, so its effects are unique for every viewer.

Tune into Lauren’s zany collages and see what they mean to you, and be sure to keep an eye out for the galleries she will be curating in the PicsArt app all week long. Follow her on PicsArt to keep track of her art. You can also check out her website.

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