You threw it back with Vintage. You hit peak 2000s baby with Millennial. Now, you can be pretty in pink with our third FLTR category, Blush! Here’s a peek at these three new filters and how they will transform your images.

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When you click “effects,” these new FLTRs will pop right up. Scroll past Millennial and Vintage filters on the bottom banner and you will see BLU1 through BLU3, each one of them dressing your image in a different pink to make it pop.

 #freetoedit #blh1via PicsArt

Go for full pink-out with our first Blush filter! BLU1 will warm up your image so much, it will bring a smile to all of your social media followers’ faces.

 #freetoedit #blh2via PicsArt

BLU2 is all about balance. The subtle pink shade will had just the right amount of sunlight to your face to bring your ordinary selfie to stunning portrait.

#freetoedit #blh3via PicsArt

Don’t be fooled by the cooler tones in BLU3. The rosy overlay will bring out all of your best features while taking some of those harsher edges out of the picture.

Can’t wait to try out our premium Millennial filters? Get early access by subscribing to PicsArt Gold today**! If you’re looking for free filters, don’t worry. Our always cool FX filters are here to stay. Head over to your photo editor to get trendy without trying. You’re young and free, and your image should be too.

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