pictured of cupcakes

From cupcake shops to televised baking competitions, cupcakes have been taking the world by storm over the past few years. And who can be surprised? With all the delicious flavors that are available these days, it’s no wonder that cupcakes have become such a popular dessert. That’s why we’re celebrating them today, in all their sprinkled, frosted, and cream-filled glory, with the MONtag #cupcake.

When composing your shot, pay special attention to the background and lighting to ensure that the mood of your image matches the subject. For a classic, elegant look, use a vintage tiered cake stand and a simple tablecloth to display your creations. For a fun, festive vibe, whip out the confetti and streamers to create a bright and colorful background. Once you’ve got your shot, add the MONtag #cupcake to share it, and then grab a napkin and eat up!