drawing snow on photo

Winter is characterized by many different kinds of imagery. Bare trees, heavy jackets, warm hot cocoa… But perhaps the most powerful scene is one that is covered in a fresh, shimmering coat of snow. Yes, it’s true for many of us. Winter would not be winter without snow. And even for those living in climates too warm for snow, it is so iconic and heavily associated with winter themes that the idea is still a familiar one. 

That’s why, to help you get in the spirit of the winter solstice, we’re asking you to draw the snowy scenes that you see before you, even if it’s coming from your mind’s eye! Add some wintery clipart to make it appear more real, like in the image above by Shyanam (@shy35). Or maybe, if you’re from somewhere warm, you can snap a picture of a scene from your day and add snow yourself (check out our tutorial to learn how to draw snow). Don’t forget to submit your images using the hashtag #DrawSnow so we can find you, and we’ll feature our favorites in the app tomorrow!