Monday Inspiration rule of thirds

Today, let’s talk about the #RuleOfThirds

This is one of the most basic principles of photo composition, and using it is a great trick to improve composition in your images.

According to the rule of thirds, an image should be divided horizontally and vertically into thirds. In order to create a balanced and harmonious composition, points of interest should be aligned along those lines or in the areas where those lines intersect. 

Like this image, where the horizon is placed along the upper horizontal line, and the child is placed at the intersection of two lines:

rule of thirds

Or this image, where the eye in this portrait is placed at the upper right intersection, and the subject is placed off-center, in the right-hand third of the frame:

rule of thirds

Or this one, where the telephone pole aligns perfectly with the left vertical line:

rule of thirds

Employing the rule of thirds is an excellent exercise in composition. Try it out today, and share your creations with the hashtag #RuleOfThirds!