daily inspiration #Sunset

Today, share your sunset pictures with the hashtag #Sunset

Sunsets certainly aren’t a new photography subject for even the most casual of photographers, but there are a couple of things that you can do to make your sunset images stand out. 

First, think of the sunset as a backdrop, rather than the sole subject. As you shoot, place something in your foreground to balance out your composition. It could be a silhouetted figure, a shoreline that catches the light just so, or an interesting building—just about anything—but it’s helpful to make good use of both your foreground and background in order to create an interesting composition. 

Next, once you’ve opened your shot in the Editor, apply the Twilight Effect to bring out the dusky tones, or crank up the temperature and saturation with the Adjust Tool to accentuate the warm lighting. 

When you’re done, share your shot with the hashtag #Sunset!