The sunset images we have come across and gathered into one photo gallery make the perfect mood for a romantic evening. Take a walk at sunset to feel the relaxing mood of the fading sun and enjoy the attraction of changing hues of yellow, red and orange. If you fall in love with the sunset then get back to our blog and learn some tips to make fantastic sunset photos!


Tip 1: Be an explorer. Walk and observe all around you, be attentive to all the small and insignificant details of the places you would like to shoot during sunset.


Tip 2: Take your time.  Sunset doesn’t last long, it changes through different colors and characters within a very short time. It can become rather challenging to catch the light the way you want. But it’s sure worth the effort!


Tip 3: Go for a composition. Concentrate on the composition and not a pure sunset, though the sun is beautiful by itself.


Tip 4: Shoot in different exposures.  Experiment with various angles: the more you experiment, the higher are the chances you get an award-winning photo.


Tip 5: Take the initiative. Don’t just rely on the camera to choose at what shutter length to shoot. Set your camera into shutter priority mood or aperture and start making shots at diverse exposures. You can start with fairly quick shutter mode gradually slowing down. 


Tip 6: Shoot against the sun.  Look for silhouettes against the sky or capture reflections. Wait for the sun to take the best position and make multiple shots.


Tip 7: Shoot after the sun goes down.  Sometimes the most fantastic and spectacular views form after the sun goes down, and strange patterns and color formations in the sky take on a life of their own.



In case you are shooting with a professional camera make sure you use UV filter to protect the camera. Also you can use colored glass to add color tone to your photos, set ISO to 400 and experiment with changing the shutter speed and F. (Maximize shutter speed and lower the F, or vice versa)


The best shots often come from experimenting, and trying settings and angles you’ve never tried before!