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In the interest of making our contests more fair,  we are announcing new rules to ensure that users compete on a level playing field. To start, the periods of submission and voting will now be separate. During submission, users can still see the entries of their peers, but voting will only take place once submission closes. Entries will be displayed in random order to ensure fair treatment for all of our users. Users can request clarification and adjust submissions that don’t comply with contest rules, but once voting begins, no more entries will be accepted. The duration of contests has also been extended, giving users ample time to perfect their entries and vote for their favorite entries during each respective period. 

What are Contests About?

PicsArt contests are a great way to improve your skills, have fun, and scoop up new followers. Enter different contests to test different skillsets, whether it’s photography, image-editing, drawing or graphic design. Contestants are featured regularly on the Daily Journal in special galleries and articles. Even if you don’t win, you can still get featured by sharing a cool pictorial or video tutorial on how you created your entry. Should you have any questions related to the contests, do not hesitate to contact us at

Tips on how to build a following through contests: 

  • Win! The top 10 winners of every contest are featured in both the contest section and in our Daily Journal. Besting your peers is a guaranteed way to get noticed. PicsArt Jury also picks one photo that didn’t make it to the top 10 and features it together with the winning ten.

  • Share Your Own Tutorials.  Tutorials on contest entries shared by users are regularly featured on PicsArt, and are a great way to get noticed. Create step by step drawing or editing tutorials with PicsArt’s Collage Maker and tag them with #drawstepbystep and #editstepbystep respectively. Use the Video Generation and Export Feature to share instant video drawing tutorials on YouTube, and tag them  #DC(theme) and #picsart.

  • Create Something Exceptional. Didn’t win? Doesn’t matter. Entries that stand apart from the rest get noticed one way or another, and are often featured all the same.

  • Try, Try Again. If you keep at it and continue to enter contests, your peers will take notice and start to look for your work. Stick around, and followers will come to you.

Weekend Art Projects (#WAP)

Weekend Art Projects inject excitement into weekends with photography and photo-editing challenges. Themes vary between different subjects and techniques, and can focus on a subject to shoot, a photography approach, an editing feature, or even broader genres and themes for contestants to try out. Each contest is a special opportunity to explore something new, be creative, and share your personal artwork. All photos submitted to the contest should be the property of the user submitting them. 

Weekend Art Project Schedule:

New contest announced every week. Each contest runs for 11 days. 

WAP Theme Announced & Submission Begins: Friday morning (PST)

Submission Closes: 23:59 PST on Monday

Voting Begins: 00:00 PST on Tuesday

End of Voting: 23:59 PST on Sunday the next week 

Blog Post on Winners: Monday morning after end of voting 

Drawing Challenge (#DC)

In the Drawing Challenge, contestants must use PicsArt Drawing Tools to create drawings based on the week’s theme. Test out your drawing skills and see what kinds of creative ideas and talents are around you in the community. 

Submission begins two days after the theme is announced, giving you time to research and draw. Submission Tags are announced through PicsArt’s social network channels, including PicsArt, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Only original drawings created using PicsArt are allowed into the contest. After completing your entry, we encourage you to create a video drawing tutorial with the Video Generation and Export feature and share it on Youtube. 

Drawing Challenge Schedule:

New contest announced every week. Each contest runs for 13 days. 

DC Theme Announcement: Thursday morning (PST)

Start of Submission (DC Tag posted on Social Networks): Saturday Morning (PST)

End of Submission: 23:59 PST on Tuesday 

Start of Voting: 00:00 PST on Wednesday

End of Voting: 23:59 on Monday the next week 

Blog post on Winners: Tuesday evenings after end of voting 

Note: We kindly ask you to avoid photographing drawings done manually in pen or pencil, as these are against contest rules and will be removed from the contest. 

Graphic Design Contest (#GD)

The Graphic Design Contest (#GD) asks users to create graphic designs based on different themes. Graphic Design contests call on users to combine PicsArt features, including text, images, clipart, frames, effects, and anything else needed to create an amazing design. Graphic Design Contests are announced every two weeks and themes often center around creating imaginative designs aimed at specific purposes. All entries must be created using PicsArt’s photo-editing and/or drawing tools.

Graphic Design Schedule:

New contest announced every 2 weeks. Each contest runs for 9 days. 

GD Announcement & Start of Submissions: Tuesday morning (PST)

Submissions Ends: 23:59 PST on Thursday

Voting Starts: 00:00 PST on Friday

End of Voting: 00:00 PST on Wednesday the next week

Blog Post on Winners: Thursday morning after end of voting 


Contests are often closely followed by tutorials to help guide you, and links to relevant tutorials are often included in contest announcements. Every Drawing Challenge is accompanied by a video tutorial shortly after, while design and editing tutorials sometimes follow announcements for our other contests. Keep an eye on the Daily Journal to be sure you don’t miss one of our great step by step tutorials, you never know when you’ll find the tip that puts you over the edge.