We are working tirelessly to refine and expand our App and website, listening to users and trying different things to maintain PicsArt’s place as the easiest and most versatile photo-editing app available. Last week was no exception, as we added a new update and introduced new features. Most notably, however, last week was a week where we generated a lot of media buzz. For our week in review, we are sharing the latest news below in addition to the artwork and contests from our own community. Read on to learn more.


Media News

Top 5 Best Android Photo Editing Applications, Just.pk, 6/26/13

Ranks PicsArt as one of its top 5 photo-editing Apps for Android, citing it as a free app that competes with paid apps due to its long list of features. 

Top 10 Photo Editors on Android, Droid Beans, 6/25/13

Ranks PicsArt as one of the site’s top 10 photo editors for its usability and extensive toolbox. If you are in need of an advanced, yet easy to use photo editor, PicsArt… has very detailed tools and allows you to edit photos at a very high level. 

PicsArt Photo Studio, Android Parlor, 6/24/13

Android Parlor has written a complete review of PicsArt, recommending it as being unusually advanced for a free-editor. 

Continuum Series Using iPhone App PicsArt, Artful Transformations, 6/22/13

This is an absolutely gorgeous gallery of images created on PicsArt. We highly recommend that users check it out for ideas and inspiration. 

The Best Camera Apps for the Wannabe Ansel Adams, posted in the The Salt Lake Tribune, and The Evening Sun 6/18/13

A break down of various photo-editing apps, praising PicsArt as one of the best all-purpose editing apps. 

Top 5 Photography Apps on Android, Camera Research, 6/17/13

PicsArt makes yet another top five list for its advanced set of features and social media sharing options. “PicsArt is a free photo editing tool that manages to bring the best of desktop photo-editing to your mobile device.” 


In Social Media

Most Popular Photo on Facebook

The most popular photo last week on Facebook was posted by Giuli Casillina(@giuli-jonatic) earning 3510 likes and 99 shares, celebrating the summer with her mermaid metamorphoses.


Most Popular Photo From Twitter 

The most popular image from Twitter was posted by David Duval(@vandave). Last week marked the occasion of a Supermoon, when the moon reached the point in its orbit closest to earth. Dave captured the scientific phenomenon brilliantly.


PicsArt Update 

We added a new update last week to PicsArt. In addition to various bug fixes, the update gives users the ability to adjust the color of their frames and make stunning collages. Also, we introduced a completely new feature: Clone Tool. The Clone tool allows users to replicate objects in textures within a specific image. A video tutorial is up and coming this week.


Art Contests

Water Weekend Art Project #WAPwater

The Water Weekend Art Project last week challenged users to take part in a water photography contest. The winner photos are among our best galleries.


Super Hero Drawing Challenge #DCsuperhero

The Drawing Contest from last week pitted users against each other in a contest to see who could produce the most impressive superhero drawings.


User Feedback From Google Play

Here are some of things users are saying about PicsArt on Google-Play


Gaurav Choudhary

Best photo editing app ever !!!

I am loving this app. It is the best photo editing app I have ever used. It has got everything ïñ a lucid manner which makes it easy to use. Don’t know why instagram is so famous. Its far better than instagram.

Nicole Davis

Just the BEST!!!

This app is AMAZING!!!! I don’t know what I would do without it. Sky’s the limit with what you can do with your photos. Instagram can’t hold a match to the awesome effects this app can do to the look of your photos. Keep up the GREAT work! *^^*


Melj Chi


dis is my first time to rate an app..and omg im so amazed with this pic editor.. i wanna give picsart a big WOW because i was so delighted with it.


Derrick Mikhail

Definitely one of the best applications in play store!

Definitely one of the best applications in play store, it’s worth while your time. You won’t be disappointed when you download it, has amazing effects, love the editing features and everything about it.


Didz Valero


Just an absolutely all-in photo editing app plus various effects that could make your photo like a pro!! Keep it up PicsArt. Simply the best among the rest!! Just awesome ;] @dee-va


Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to stay posted for more news, original artwork, contests, and photography!