Paolo Morucci (@paolomore) is not only one of the most talented photo-editors in the PicsArt community, but also among the most passionate when it comes to sharing his image transforming secrets.

Today, we take a look at another one of his surreal photo-editing tutorials, in which he shows us how to create a transformer like robot face with hundreds of pieces of custom motorcycle clipart images by using the Selection Tool. The end result is a mind-bending illusion of twisted metal and scattered tires. You can use this technique with any object, so don’t limit yourself to motorcycles, but different clipart images will yield very different results. 

step by step creative editing tutorial

Step 1: Choose an Object

Look through your photos and find an object that would look cool in a super dense face-shaped collage. Motorcycles are great because their curving parts create a spindly winding look when bunched together. 

Step 2: Selection Tool

Open the Selection Tool and use it to select the object in your photo. You can either use the selection brush to paint it red, or the lasso to outline it’s edges. Once your object is selected press “Save as Clipart”. 

Step 3: Portrait

Open a portrait of your face, and from the menu bar open clipart. Choose your newly created custom clipart from the clipart menu and add it into your photo. Repeat this process over and over, placing the clipart in ways that emulates the natural outline of your face. 

Step 4: Shadows

Add shadows to help delineate the form of your face within the mess of clipart by opening the drawing tool. Add a new layer and use a thick black marker to cover wherever you want your image to have shade. Reduce the layer’s opacity to turn it into a soft shadow.

“You need a bit of practice and a lot of patience. Listen to good music while you edit… that’s the secret!”

-Paolo Morucci

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