What are these photos or drawings, you might wonder. We won’t keep you wondering any longer.  These are art works by PicsArtists, created by playing with their photos,  adding various effects to them.

With PicsArt  ‘pencil effects’ pencil art becomes more striking. You wonder how?

That’s easy and at the same time incredible. To create your pencil art follow the steps. 

Tip: Simply upload your photo into PicsArt, go to the Effects section > Artistic  and choose the Pencil tool. One click and you have your uploaded photo altered into pencil drawn image ready to go. You can add color and combine pencil and photo features in one image. You are free to improvise

Enjoy the pencil art photo gallery! Check for the virtual pencil in your PicsArt toolbar and draw your own masterpiece.

Use Pencil Art to make your photos look like hand-drawings!