Ah, selfies.

We’re always striving for the perfect angle, the most flattering lighting, the best smize. But since National Selfie Day 2017 is coming up very soon, we think it’s time to take things a bit further.

We’ve all read tons of tips on how to take the best selfies, but here at PicsArt, we like to get a bit more creative. So if you’re looking for a new and interesting way to make your selfies shine, here are five easy photo editing tutorials that will show you how to use PicsArt photo editor and collage maker to take your selfies to the next level (and maybe even the level after that). Check ’em out below, and don’t forget to enter your own edits to the #CreativeSelfieContest happening now!

Glitch Selfie

Glitch, please! We’re all about the glitchy edits these days. This easy tutorial shows you how to use PicsArt photo editor give your selfies an edgy new vibe.

#FreeToEdit #glitch #staticmasks #erasertool #inverted #glitchplease Remixed from @duyentruong97 via PicsArt

Magic Selfie Photo Collage

Using PicsArt’s magic photo effects and watercolor splash stickers to make a killer photo collage, this selfie trend has taken the internet by storm. Check out the tutorial here.

#FreeToEdit #picsart #magicselfievia PicsArt

Rainbow Light Filters

This trend will never get old. Period. Learn how to get your own rainbow vibes with free stickers in our tutorial here.

#rainbowlight via PicsArt

Laser Eyes Selfie

Give yourself some serious superhero (or super villain, if that’s how you roll) vibes by adding a lens flare or two over your eyes. Check out the tutorial here — everyone will be asking how you did it.

#freetoedit #lasereyesvia PicsArt

Dispersion Effect

Sorry, but we STILL can’t get over how cool your selfies look with a dispersion effect. Learn how to get the look in our Dispersion Tool tutorial.

#freetoedit #dispersiontoolvia PicsArt

Looking for more tips on how to get the best selfies? We’ve got a few more ideas below.

  • Selfie Wallpaper: We came up with this custom iPhone wallpaper idea for Mother’s Day, but honestly, it’s timeless.
  • Live Stickers: Have you tried Live Stickers yet? It’s a TOTALLY new way to use custom stickers in your selfies.
  • Embroidery Selfie: This artsy photo collage is super easy with PicsArt’s stickers.
  • Magic Hair: Want to try out a new hair color? Try painting one of PicsArt’s magic photo effects over your hair!
  • Selfie Cat: #SelfieCat is kind of a celebrity around here, and with PicsArt’s free custom stickers, it’s easy to get a shot with him.

If you’re celebrating National Selfie Day 2017 by taking tons of selfies, then don’t forget to edit them with PicsArt! And let us know YOUR favorite selfie trends in the comments below.

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