We like to do things alone. We enjoy meals in airports waiting for our flight. Walks through our neighborhoods help us clear our heads. Watching a movie by ourselves helps us indulge in fantasies we hold dear. Being solitary is awesomely valuable to help us recollect our thoughts through moments of peace. “Me time” is a lot of people’s favorite time.

FreeToEdit Remix Image PicsArt
Original #FreeToEdit image by @hrantkhachatryan

But humans are social creatures. We go (literally) insane if we spend too much time alone. We’re addicted to connection and communication. In fact, much of today’s modern economy is built on top of tools that help us collaborate with each other: Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and even PicsArt. We crave interaction just as much (if not more) than we crave our alone time.

PicsArt recognizes this. We know that discovery, inspiration and discussions are the building blocks for the creative process. That’s why PicsArt’s #FreeToEdit initiative is so important.

FreeToEdit Remix Image PicsArt
Original #FreeToEdit image by @tigranmelkonyan1

No other platform has what PicsArt has: an ability for creators to share their work with the world and discover how other people interpret its potential. That’s also why we created Remix Galleries, the latest feature to help showcase the talent of the PicsArt community. An image has an infinite number of potential edits waiting to be done to it and Remix Galleries let you see at least a few of them.

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By adding the #FreeToEdit hashtag to your image and allowing the world to download and edit it, you open yourself up to opportunities you never knew your image had. You become an inspiration to thousands of other people and, in turn, become inspired by them.

Since this month is National Photography Month, upload some of your images with the #FreeToEdit hashtag and start exploring Remix Galleries to see what the community is creating! We think that any PicsArtist who hasn’t tried this is missing out on one of PicsArt’s most powerful opportunities. Additionally, if you’re ever in need of photos to edit, be sure to check out the official @FreeToEdit account or search for #FreeToEdit when picking an image to edit. Happy collaborating!