Always wanted to become a PicsArt pro? There is no better time than now! Start picking up our easy photo editor to learn how to edit pictures, maybe even pick up a couple of new skills in the process. Whether you’re trying to learn how to create stickers, how to use PicsArt’s simple Video Editor, or even getting a little artsy with how to make photo collages, PicsArt 101 is exactly what you need!

PicsArt 101 is a series of short YouTube videos that cover all the basics you need to know to get started on creating some awesome edits. Whether you’re new to PicsArt, looking to revisit some basics, or you just want to create cool photos and videos for your personal or business socials, PicsArt 101 has something for you. 

Replay All Day

If you’re just starting off with PicsArt, the Replay feature is the easiest and quickest way to achieve professional-looking photo edits. All you have to do is find a Replay you like, then simply tap “Try” and apply the same editing steps to your own photo. You can even make your own Replays to use as custom presets! Want to see for yourself just how easy Replay really is? Check out this PicsArt 101 clip and you’ll be Replay-ing in no time!

So Many Stickers

Using stickers is a super quick and easy way to apply all sorts of unique touches to your photos. And we’ve got millions of them! Want to add your dog to a family photo or put him on the moon? You’re only a few taps away with stickers. Whether you’re trying to search for stickers or want to create your own, you’ll find out how to navigate the sticker world in this PicsArt 101 video. 

Bold & Beautiful Brushes

Brushes are similar to stickers except you apply them to your photos in brush strokes. And just like stickers, you can create your own brushes, too! Whether you use our special seasonal brushes during the holidays or create brushes out of your custom stickers, there’s something exciting for everyone.

Fun Filters & Masks

If you’re looking for an incredibly simple way to elevate your daily photos from basic to highly stylized masterpieces, then look no further! We have tons of filters and masks, each transforming your photos in a completely unique way. P.S. If you’re looking to blow your mind with a single tap, check out our fan-favorite Sketch effects.

Creative Collages

Nothing makes a big life event truly memorable like a massive collage of all the highlights together in one place. With PicsArt you can put together the best looking collages in a matter of seconds. We’ve got so many shapes and grids to choose from! Check out this PicsArt 101 video to learn how to create some cool collages. 

Impressive Video Editor

To level up your videos, give PicsArt’s Video Editor a whirl. Just like everything else we’ve shown you so far, getting creative is super easy. No professional experience required! Making and editing Insta stories has never been quicker, just take a look at this video to see for yourself. 

Handy Change Background Tool

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Want to change the background of your photos without any headaches or hassles? With PicsArt, you can do so in a single tap and mere seconds! To learn how, just watch this video to find out just some of the things you pull off with one of our easiest-to-use features.

 Easy-to-Use Remove Tool

Ever captured the perfect photo only to notice a detail (or a person in the background) it would be better off without? Well if you ever want to remove unwanted objects from your photos our Remove tool is perfect for you. Check out this PicsArt101 video and you’ll be a pro in no time. 

Enhancing Beautify Tools

If you’re looking for a quick touch-up for your selfies, turn to our amazing Beautify tools. From your hair color to your eye color to your eyebrow shape all the way to the tiniest wrinkle on your face, you can easily take care of all of them with Beautify. Beautify is super easy to use and meant to enhance your already-gorgeous features! 

Super Surreal Edits

Surreal edits may seem intimidating at first but it only takes seconds with our special editing tools: Dispersion, Motion, and Stretch. Take a look at this quick video and you’ll find yourself creating your very own surreal edits in no time.

Artistic Draw Tool

Looking to give your edits a manual brush stroke or two? You can use the Draw tool for all sorts of things, such as brushing texts onto your edits in specific patterns. Use one of the many brushes available for the ultimate artistic touch!

Ready-to-Go Templates

Whether you’re a business owner or a content creator, keeping your socials active on a daily basis takes time. What you need is a fast way to produce visual content on the daily and PicsArt’s Templates do just that. There are multiple categories, so pick a template, make minor edits, and you’re set!

Awesome Challenges

Now that you’ve finished going through our quick tutorials, it’s time to put your new skills to the test and take a shot at one of our many awesome challenges! Then when you’re up for it, check out all our ongoing challenges and give one (or two or more!) of them a shot for the chance to win big.


There you have it, 12 quick-and-easy PicsArt 101 video tutorials you can binge on in less than 30 minutes. Now go and start creating! 

Make Awesome

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