Photography and drawing contests at PicsArt Photo Studio are a great way to improve your drawing and photography skills, have fun, and reward your hard work with some well-earned recognition while you’re at it. PicsArt offers a diverse array of imaging contests to test different skillsets and push your creativity. It’s a place for friendly competition, where you can share your talents and pit your very best work against the efforts of your peers.

To qualify for any contest, the artwork you submit must be created or edited using the PicsArt Photo Studio App. To download the app please click here.

Graphic Design Contest (#GD) 

The Graphic Design Contest(#GD) encourages users to produce professional Graphics around a wide range of themes and compete for the best design. Each challenge presents a concept that challenges users to make a specific kind of graphic. Users must then use the PicsArt toolbox of photo-editing and drawing tools, text, and clipart, to design Graphics that stand out. Whether you prefer subtlety or excitement, make sure your graphic designs attract and reward attention. 

All graphic designs should be created using PicsArt’s photo-editing and drawing tools. The Graphic Design contest is announced every second Monday morning (PST). You will be given four days to create your own unique graphics. 

Graphic Design Schedule:

GD Announcement: every second Monday morning (PST)

Start of Submission & Voting: every second Monday morning (PST)

End of Submission: every second Wednesday at midnight (PST)

End of Voting: every second Thursday at midnight (PST)

Blog Post on Winners: every second Friday morning (PST)

Weekend Art Projects (#WAP) 

For Weekend Art Projects, users are given a special theme for which to create and edit photos throughout the weekend using PicsArt tools. The themes vary between challenging users to focus on any particular subject or technique. Whether it is what you are shooting, how you are shooting it, or how you edit the results, each contest is a special opportunity to explore something new, be creative, and share your personal artwork.

Make sure to complete and submit your artwork by midnight on Sunday (PST), after which you will have a whole day to vote and receive votes in turn for your own photos.

Weekend Art Project Schedule:

WAP Announcement: Friday mornings (PST)

Start of Submission & Voting: Friday morning (PST)

End of Submission: Sundays at midnight (PST)

End of Voting: Mondays at midnight (PST)

Blog Post on Winners: Tuesday mornings (PST)

Drawing Challenge (#DC)

In the Drawing Challenge, users are challenged to create drawings using only PicsArt drawing tools. The contest theme changes every week, covering an endless array of subjects. PicsArt’s drawing toolbox is incredibly deep and can allow for stunning detail and precision. In these contests, users are only limited by their skill and imaginations. See how your painting talents compare to your peers and create your very own PicsArt masterpieces. Half of the fun is checking out the winning paintings and seeing the level of creativity and skill that comes out of our community every week.

The theme of the drawing challenge is announced every Tuesday morning, to give the users time to draw before the submission date. We announce the submission tag for each drawing contest right before submission opens, via Facebook and Twitter as well as on the contest banner. Users then have 30 hours to submit their drawings to the contest, starting Saturday 9:00 AM (PST).  

Drawing Challenge Schedule:

DC Theme Announcement: Wednesday mornings (PST)

DC Tag Announcement via Social Networks: 9:00 AM Saturdays (PST)

Start of Submission & Voting: 9:00 AM Saturdays (PST)

End of Submission: 3:00 PM Sundays (PST)

End of Voting: 3:00 PM Mondays (PST)

Blog post on Winners: Tuesday evenings (PST)

Note: We kindly ask you to avoid photographing drawings done manually in pen or pencil, as these are against contest rules and will be removed from the contest.


In addition to our creative tools, we also offer drawing tutorials, step-by-step guides for challenging drawing assignments. Tutorials generally follow challenge announcements closely, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog in the hours following the DC theme announcement. 

In addition to sharing their artwork and practicing their skills, participants of PicsArt contests have the chance to make the top ten winners’ board, thus broadening their audience as well as their community of PicsArtist followers. PicsArt Photo studio also promotes contest winners across various social networks.