PicsArt for Windows phone 1 million installs

Since we launched PicsArt for Windows Phone last Christmas, we have already registered over one million installs on Windows Phone devices! 

PicsArt was first launched on Android in November 2011, followed by an iOS version a year ago. It has reached 100 million installs on Android a month ago,  currently accounting a total of 120 million installs on all platforms. The Windows Phone version, however, has been out for less than four months and yet it has already surpassed the milestone of one million installs. This is incredible, and so we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our thriving new community of Windows Phone users. 

PicsArt was created with the goal in-mind of providing an app that could bring the best of mobile imaging to everyone for free, this way everyone can discover their inner artist. Bringing PicsArt to Windows Phone was part of this goal to make PicsArt available to everyone, and these one million installs affirm for us what we’ve known all along. Everybody wants to create, they just need the right tools. 

PicsArt is the answer to that need, and we aim to continue to develop PicsArt with the goal of bringing the very best imaging tools to everyone who has an artistic itch. 

Discover your inner artist with PicsArt on Windows Phone today.