Step out of your umbrella and soak yourself in the glossy wet beauty of our rainy day photo gallery. A photo gallery about the rain is a shortcut to nostalgia and self-reflection. There is an inherent romantic melancholy in a rainy day, all encompassing shadows, long puddles and longer faces. For a photographer, the conditions of a rainy day can be as ideal as a perfect sunset. Film-makers have long standardized the practice of hosing down city streets before shooting, preferring the dark gloss of wet pavement to the stale aesthetic of dry concrete on a sunny day. Rainy days do this for you, washing down every building, car, and dog until rivers of downpour fill every gutter and flow down every storm drain. Leaves and flowers swell until they cannot take on anymore water, and people briefly abandon the sidewalks, turning them back over to mother nature in anticipation of clearer skies. Rainy days are like earth’s way of saying “enough”, and forcing us to give it a rest for an afternoon or more, banishing us to our homes to huddle with our loved ones and think quiet thoughts.

What is your ideal rainy day like?