pictures of kids

Kids: they can be devils or angels; they can ruin your day with a tantrum or make your day with a smile. But whether they’re naughty or nice, you can’t deny that children are adorable. Today, spend some time with the young ones in your life, whether it be your younger brother, your own daughter, or the neighbors down the street, and share your memories using the SATtag #kids. 

Photographing children is a challenge because they can be spontaneous and unpredictable, so you have to be present as you look through the lens. A great photography tip is capturing them at their eye level as it makes all the difference. See if you can capture their mischievous side in a portrait, or their wild side with a crazy action shot. Whatever side you choose to capture, whatever mood you choose to convey, be sure to share your work with the PicsArt community by adding the SATtag #kids.