images of lamps

Interior decorating is a fun way for you to get creative in personalizing your home. Today we’re shining the spotlight on one of the many elements that create a mood and style in any room of your house: lamps. Take a pic of the lamps already in your home, or venture out to your local thrift shops to see what vintage lamps you can find. From hip Art Deco designs to classic brass, there’s a lamp to suit any style out there, so snap a shot of your favorite light and share it with us using the SATtag #lamp.

Be sure to take this opportunity to observe how light behaves in a photograph, and how photographic a light source affects your photo exposure in different parts of your image. Play with the shadows cast off by your lamp, or create your own glint of light using a lens flare from the PicsArt Photo Studio. Once you’ve got the perfect shot, add the SATtag #lamp to share it with the community.