adjust photo color temperature

Did you know that light has its own color temperature? It’s one of those basic principles your fourth grade art teacher probably had plastered on the first page of her syllabus. But in case you forgot, on the color spectrum, anything combining or using yellow, orange, and red produces colors that are warm (think sunny beaches and bright orange bikinis), while blue, purple, and green are cold (think a snowy night with a deep blue sky). This basic knowledge comes in handy in photography, especially when you have the tools to easily manipulate them, like you do in our photo editor. 

In the old days, however, things weren’t as easy as they are now. Photographers used to have to place colored glass filters in front of their camera lenses to alter the color temperature of the light that was coming in. They could warm up a photograph, giving it a nostalgic vintage feel, or cool it down, giving it a starker, more somber look.

Now that you have a little context, we want you to experiment with the temperature feature of the Adjust Tool for today’s Saturday Inspiration! There’s a lot of gorgeous images just waiting to be edited! Submit your captures with the hashtag #TemperatureAdjust so we can find you and we’ll post our favorites in the app tomorrow.