#tag candles

With the days growing colder and the nights growing longer, it’s the time of year for us to embrace the long, cozy evenings that lay ahead of us. Perhaps you’ve crafted a handmade candle for a loved one, perhaps your beau (or belle!) has set the mood with a candlelight dinner, or maybe you’re just making the best of a snowstorm-induced power outage. Whatever your reason, embrace the soft glow of #candles by participating in this Weekly Tag

The natural light of a candle is a great tool for you to use in your photography. Incorporate the contrasting light and shadows into your composition, or create a Bokeh effect by adjusting your aperture or using PicsArt’s Bokeh Masks. Whether you’re making a wish on your birthday cake, observing the lighting of a menorah, or just capturing the simple beauty of fire, play with the diverse array of meanings that candle images can convey and tag your creations with #candles to join the fun.