hashtag tattoo

This week, your body is your canvas. Whether you’re already tatted up or you’ve never gone under the needle, we want to see you inked up. 

Tattoos are an interesting photography subject because they are often a very personal symbol. Your tattoo may represent an important time or event in your life, a personal philosophy, or even a daily reminder. Whatever tattoo you choose to give yourself, share a shot and add the Weekly Tag #tattoo

If you don’t have a tattoo, don’t worry–with PicsArt, you can give yourself a tattoo with just a few taps of the finger. Use the Chinese Tattoos, Henna Art, or Old School Tattoo packages available for download in the PicsArt Shop, or use PicsArt’s drawing tools to design your own. Once you’ve got your shot, add the hashtag #tattoo to participate.