hash tag funny face

Stick your tongue out. Wrinkle your nose. Puff up your cheeks. In a world where beauty is prized and even selfies are photoshopped, sometimes it’s good for us to embrace our sillier side in photos. Today, let’s remember that it’s important not to take ourselves too seriously, that sometimes all it takes is a good laugh to brighten a gloomy day. This Friday, grab your camera and capture the silly faces around you, and share your shots with us using the FRItag #funnyface

Grab your best friend, your dog, or your sister, and take the silliest selfie you can. Or, take your camera and stealthily shoot one of your buddies mid-yawn, biting into a burger, or puckering at the taste of a sour lemon. Get creative with your portraits, and share the craziest ones with the hashtag #funnyface–if your picture is one of the silliest, it will be featured in the Daily Journal