This week we are asking users to take on the theme of skateboarding for the Drawing Challenge. This tutorial will help familiarize you with how to use PicsArt Drawing Tools and provide you with inspiration for this week’s challenge. We break down step by step how to draw a skateboard scene using PicsArt Drawing Tools.

Step 1: Open the PicsArt Drawing Tool

Select “Draw” from the main screen and then select “Draw blank” to start a new drawing from scratch. You have the option of choosing the precise width, height, and orientation of your drawing before entering your work space.

drawing tools

Step 2: Basic Outline

Draw a rough outline of your skateboard or skateboarder. Take a thin brush and use the most basic shapes to decide where everything will be in your frame.

how to draw a skateboard step by step

Step 3: More Precise Outline

Reduce the opacity, and in a higher layer, trace a more precise outline. Smooth out the edges a little bit and refine smaller details. When you’re done erase previous layers.

how to draw a skateboard step by step

Step 4: Final Outline

Reduce the opacity again, and in a new layer, trace your final outline. Make sure that you only use clean deliberate strokes, and when you are done, delete all previous outlines.

how to draw a skateboard step by step

Step 5: Color the Drawing

In new layers, color you drawing. Use a layer just for your background, and use different colored brushes to paint in the various colors of your outline.

how to draw a skateboard step by step

Step 6: Shading and Lighting

In new layers, add shading and lighting. Use darker tones to darken areas furthest from your light source and lighter tones to brighten areas closest to your light source. You can also use translucent colored brushes to add colored lighting for ambience.

how to draw a skateboard step by step

Step 7: Final Touches

Your almost done! Add final touches to your drawing, like streaks of translucent white brushes to create a motion blur. Alter previous layers to amend earlier creative decisions, like changing the color of your background.

how to draw a skateboard step by step

Your skateboard is now ready for the x-games! Enter into the Drawing Challenge and see how it fairs.