For this weekend’s Butterfly Drawing Challenge, we have created a tutorial to give you a guiding hand. Here is a tutorial to show you how to build a butterfly from the bottom up using PicsArt drawing tools.


Customize various brush thicknesses to create a multilayered outline of your butterfly.




Use thin lines to loosely sketch the general outline of your butterfly. Then use thicker lines to darken the more important details, and thicker lines still to darken the bare essentials such as the body of the insect.




Introduce a new layer of color and select thicker paintbrushes to first paint the base colors of the wings, then gild it with finer details by filling in some of the patterns you outlined.




Fill in the butterfly’s body with brown color and use a textured brush to create the impression of fur.

Don’t forget the antennas and glowing yellow eyes.



Add another layer to create a nice solid colored background.


For a final touch, add another layer between the butterfly and background, and draw the butterfly’s shadows in black. Then adjust the opacity to soften it against the backdrop.