NOTE!!  This week’s DC is different.  Please read the new rules carefully!


What is it?

The Drawing Challenge for this week (#DCscratchboard) is to create a super-cool image in the scratchboard style of illustration using the PicsArt Draw tool.  Check back here shortly for a tutorial.


How to Enter

We’ve finally prepared a new system to make our DCs and our WAPs more objective.  PicsArtists will only be allowed to enter two images into any given DC, so choose your work carefully.


To enter, either tag one or two images with #DCscratchboard or go to the new “Contests” section in the app and submit your images there (this will come in Friday’s ANDROID-ONLY update).


How to Win

This is where things get really interesting.  If you’ve downloaded the new Android update (it will come out on FRIDAY, APRIL 12), then you can vote for your favorite images in each contest in the “Contests” section of the app.  If you have an iPhone, you can vote for your favorite images on our website (the iPhone in-app version of the contest will be out in a few weeks).


The 10 pictures with the most votes by Monday, April 15 at midnight (San Francisco time) will be the #DCscratchboard finalists.