A lot of us take our coffee strong, but these artists like a little more in their coffee than milk or sugar. We’ve rounded up the most amazing mug edits on PicsArt for National Coffee Day, and once you’ve seen what users can stir into a cup of joe, we think you’ll be impressed.

Get a dose of inspiration with your caffeine fix, home-brewed by the best editing baristas in the PicsArt fam.

Single Shot of Universe

Forget milk, we like our coffee strong, with a touch of Milky Way (warning, more bad puns ahead).

Hanging Ten

Ride out your caffeine high in style.

Morning Fog

That’s not steam rising from my mug, it’s a cool mist.

Sky High

There’s no better way to get your day off the ground.

The Pinnacle of Espressos

I just climbed out of bed and I’m pretty sure I left my rope and ice pick upstairs.

Coffee Whiskers

The purrrfect cup of coffee. Who can say no to that face?

High Voltage

Jump-start your day with a jolt of slow roasted jumping beans.

Coffee Tsunami

Coffee is all well and good, but it’s hard to beat an ocean spray in the morning.

Coffee Globe

The world is round and so is my mug.


This coffee will have you seeing stars.

Hopped Up on Coffee

Waiter, there’s a hare in my coffee!

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High Tide

Coffee smell and the soothing sounds of the ocean? I am never getting up from this table.

How do you take your coffee? Show us your best edited brew, and share it on PicsArt photo editor with #CoffeeEdit.


Mark is a Staff Writer at PicsArt Photo Studio. Born in Boston, USA, he is now based in Paris, France.