Bruno Nappa (@bruno781) is a PicsArtist from Boston who is passionate about underwater photography.  It helps that he has a massive in-home aquarium!  Bruno’s perspective on life under water is fascinating and we are excited that he granted us this exclusive interview.

Q. What do you shoot on?

Canon Rebel T3I  & Galaxy Note II

Q. How would you complete this statement: “I am most creative when…”?

I am in solitude at night and my aquarium fills up my living room with such an abundant beauty of color and life.

Q. What does it feel like to create?

To create is such a passion of mine. I see an opportunity to take hold and capture a moment and it fulfills me with great pride. To be able to share my work with others gives me such gratitude.

Q. You’ve got an unusual medium – underwater photography.  How did you come to shoot so much underwater material?

Having a saltwater aquarium for over five years and being able to duplicate a marine life in my home setting with corals and fish has made me grow such an inspiration and respect for oceanic life that fascinates me.

Q. How hard is it to get good at underwater photography?  If another PicsArtist was inspired by your work and wanted to try their hand at it, what one piece of advice would you give them?

Underwater photography can be very difficult because so many things come into play, tank lighting, time of day, water quality etc . Sometimes I might take 100 shots to get that 1 I’m looking for.

A few tricks I’ve learned over the years are that you need a clean glass and shut off all of the pumps in the tank and always try to shoot later in the day when the room is a little on the darker side. You may also notice that your fish hide as soon as they see your camera, that’s because they are afraid and have no idea what it is. So what you want to do is leave your camera on the tripod in front of the tank for a few days so they can get used to it. These few tips along with a tripod and some patience you’ll do great!

Q. What’s your favorite PicsArt feature?

The corrections feature!

Q. How does PicsArt inspire you / help you create better art?

PicsArt is a wonderful application that allows you to create and enhance your photography to the next level without needing a computer or expensive software at your fingertips. PicsArt inspires me by being able to capture a moment, edit and upload on the fly.

Q. Why do you use PicsArt over other photo editing apps?

PicsArt offers much more enhanced features and is constantly being updated with new ones.

Q. What PicsArt creationare you’re most proud of?

I am most proud of my photo of the fighting conch snail. Believe it or not, I took that photo on my Samsung Galaxy Note II on macro mode.