What is it?

Welcome to our fourth Drawing Challenge! This is a chance for illustrators using PicsArt to gather around a theme, and, using PicsArts drawing tools, compete for PicsArt glory.


This Weeks’s Theme (#DCeyes)

They say you can tell the skill of an artist by the expression they can create with eyes. This week we give you a chance to test your skill #DCeyes.


How to Enter

Simply draw a picture or picture of eyes, in any scenario, or in any configuration. After you’ve drawn it, then tag it with the hashtag #DCeyes and post it into the PicsArt stream. All entries must be received by midnight on Monday, April 1 (San Francisco time).


How to Win

We are working on a totally new (and super-darn cool) voting system for all WAPs and DCs, but that’s still a few weeks away. Until then, we’ll use a blended systems of pictures with the most likes (in the app) and our jury’s own judgement. The #DCeyes finalists will be posted on our Facebook page, in or blog, and announced via our Twitter stream.