About This Weekend’s WAP (#WAPfocalzoom)
One of our favorite effects to play with is the Focal Zoom effect.  Of all of the effects in PicsArt, few do as much to radically transform a photo as does Focal Zoom.


How to Enter
Simply create a photo (or photos) and then apply the Focal Zoom effect.  Tag your desired image with #WAPfocalzoom, and post it to the PicsArt stream. All submissions must be in the stream by midnight on Sunday, March 31 (San Francisco time) or they will not be considered.


How to Win the WAP
That new voting system we’ve been talking about?  It’s AWESOME.  It’s just not ready yet.  So this week we’ll choose the finalists based on a mixture of likes within PicsArt and our jury’s judgment.  We’ll post the #WAPfocalzoom Finalists on our blog and our Facebook page, as well as announce it on Twitter