Thursday Inspiration #Action

Today, we’re all about action shots! Head out to a sports game, your local playground, or your own backyard—anywhere you can find something interesting to shoot—and share your captures with the hashtag #Action.   

To get the right shot, get as close as you can to the action. This will keep you from having to zoom in, and will allow you to capture a more exciting shot.   

Next, anticipate the moment. We know—that’s easier said than done, but it is possible. You don’t want to snap the shutter aimlessly, hoping to capture a good action image. You might grab a great shot by a happy accident (lucky you!), but your chances of capturing the right moment will be greatly increased if you are more strategic with your shooting.  

And of course, be patient. Sometimes you’ll need to take a hundred shots before you get The One, but that’s totally normal.  

Most importantly, don’t forget to share your captures with the hashtag #Action!