daily inspiration #happy

Today’s Daily Inspiration hardly needs explaining. Share your shots of joy, excitement, adventure—whatever it is that expresses happiness! Don’t forget to add the hashtag #Happy

Capturing joy—or any emotion, for that matter—can be tricky, especially if your subject knows that you are taking a photograph. People tend to freeze up or strike an unnatural pose when they realize that they’re being photographed, so as the photographer, it’s your job to find the right moment to snap the shutter. 

Here’s a tip: that moment right come right after you snap the posed shot—once the posed photo has been taken, people tend to relax and take a more natural stance, so try snapping an extra shot at the end of the shooting process. Chances are, that’s when the magic will happen. 

Bright colors tend to evoke joy, so before you share your creations, consider applying the Vibrant Effect or upping the brightness or saturation of your colors with the Adjust Tool. 

When you’re done, add the hashtag #Happy to share your happy images and spread joy!