For today’s Daily Inspiration, get creative with PicsArt’s Motion Blur Effect, and tag your edits with the hashtag #MotionBlur.

Motion blur occurs in a photograph when you use a slow shutter speed while photographing a subject in motion, or if you move your camera as you press down on the shutter. The result is a blurred effect that shows the trail of movement of your subject.

PicsArt’s Motion Blur Effect is a quick and easy way for you to simulate motion blur. It’s a useful tool if you’d like to emphasize the motion in an image, or if you’d like to add an extra jolt of energy to an action shot. Try it out on your photos of kids playing, sports or dance shots, or even your party photos—whatever shots you want to add a little action to. Check out our step-by-step tutorial to master the Effect.

Once you’ve got the perfect shot, share it with us with the hashtag #MotionBlur