Watch users draw the great Charlie Chaplin, as they pay homage to one of the most important artists of the 20th century using their own artistic prowess. 

Last week, we wanted to tip our hat to Charlie by making him the theme of our weekly Drawing Challenge, and users responded by really putting their hearts into the challenge. The drawings and  time-lapse videos were all created using PicsArt’s Drawing Tools and  video export feature

Watch these fabulous drawings materialize one stroke at a time, and see this silent film star come to life in a whole new medium of video. 

Francky Lone (@francky001)

Raul Ramirez (@raulramirez6)

leah taylor (@leahtaylor)

Maysam Madanshekaf (@madanshekaf)

Chusii (@chusii)

Ratika Puri (@ratikapuri)

Camilla H (@ds2camillah)