Some  of the strongest contestants from last week’s Fashion Sketch Drawing Challenge have shared their drawing secrets with some awesome time-lapse videos, created using PicsArt’s video export feature.

Moriel was last week’s winner, and watching her draw with PicsArt is always thrilling as she perpetually amazes us with her astounding realism. This week, she drew a Japanese model in a cinched black gown.

Leah, meanwhile, narrowly missed the top 10, but when you watch her videos below it’s hard to understand why. Leah’s drawings are always among the best, and since she submitted two drawings you get to enjoy two time-lapse videos of her drawing process.

Trinity Bryant and Gökçe also submitted the time-lapse videos of their drawing processes.

Watch these amazing artists in action below, and leave a comment to let them hear it for their beautiful fashion sketches.

 Moriel Märchensarg (@moriel-maerchensarg)

 Leah Taylor (@leahtaylor)

Gökçe (@cryinggiraffy)